Company Policies

  Moonlighting In Tech Policies:

  • Scheduling:  Scheduling in advance when possible will help us to serve our clients better.  Our latest scheduled daytime appointment is 3:00 PM. 
  • Same day service request: We reserve the right to add an emergency fee to any same day appointments booked. We will inform you of any same day scheduling fees at the time of your appointment. 
  • Cancellations: Please make cancellations no later than 24 hours from appointment start time so we can accommodate other clients. Cancellations the same day of service will incur a $50 fee. Cancellations within 2 hours of appointment start time will incur a 1 hour charge at our normal hourly rates.
  • On-Site/Remote Work: All on-site appointments and evaluations have a minimum of 2 hours. Remote clients have a minimum of 30 minutes.  Phone calls, conference calls, email support and research are all part of remote support and are billable. 
  • On-site additional work: We reserve the right to schedule a follow-up appointment for additional work requested while we are on-site for a scheduled appointment as to better serve all our customers in a timely manner. 
  • Evening/weekend work will need approval from both Moonlighting in Tech and client via email and will incur our evening/weekend rates as per our website, including travel charges.
  • Terms: All of our rates on our website are per man hour and are due upon receipt of work performed, unless other arrangements are made in advance of appointment.
  • Past Due Accounts: For any account that is 30 days past due, we will no longer be able to perform work until your account is brought up to date.  Finance charges will be applied to all accounts 45 days past due and greater. Overdue invoices will be assessed a 1.5% monthly interest fee, retroactive to the date of the invoice. If client does not adhere to the payment terms, Consultant may convert client to retainer based billing, whereas the Consultant will only provide services if there is a retainer balance which will cover services. 
  • Payment for hardware purchases will be due upon installation
If for any reason you have a concern about the work performed, please email us within 48 hours of your initial appointment when the work was performed so we can discuss any issues. 

For any scheduling or billing inquiries please email For emergencies please contact Brian or Rebecca via phone/text at 678-471-4700 or 678-471-7105.