Moonlight Guardian Offerings

Moonlight Guardian

Monitored computer for impending failures. The Moonlight Guardian solution monitors your backup systems, disk drives, RAID systems, networks, RAM, system performance, and more. When the system detects a problem, we are automatically notified of the nature and scope of the problem. This allows us to alert you at the earliest signs of trouble, so corrective action can be taken before any computer downtime.
Per Monitored Computer $15/month

Moonlight Guardian Pro
Active monitoring for any failures, system & application patch management for system software and common 3rd party applications. We will automatically install updates to software such as Adobe Flash to keep your system up to date and secure.
Per Managed Computer $35/month

Moonlight Guardian Pro Server

All the features of Moonlight Guardian Pro, specially tailored for a server environment. Managed Server, Active monitoring, system & application patch management and manual verification of backup systems. This includes NAS, Windows and Mac Servers.
Per Managed Server $150/month

Moonlight Guardian Antivirus
Antivirus software that is installed and remotely managed by Moonlighting in Tech. All updated virus definitions are automatically pushed out to the computer. Best-in-class protection against malware and viruses with excellent performance in minimizing false positives and low system overhead that provides robust, reliable protection. All managed by Moonlighting in Tech so we are immediately aware of any virus issues on your network. (Managed Antivirus requires a Moonlight Guardian or Moonlight Guardian Pro subscription.)
Managed Antivirus $5/month per computer

Moonlight Guardian Network Management
With the rise of malware targeting routers and networking equipment, protecting your network infrastructure is more important than ever. Monitor health of network, updates to router firmware, adjust network configuration as necessary and monitor uptime and availability of network services.
Price dependent on network configuration and infrastructure, starting at $95/month

Customized plans for managed devices, backups, website management, Dropbox, Office 365 solutions and more.

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